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The Vita Icon of St Mary of Egypt

Glory to God for our Holy Mother of Egypt

A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons

St Mary of Egypt

The Fifth Sunday of Great Lent commemorates the life of St Mary of Egypt, a well-known ascetic Saint who lived in the late 5th/early 6th century. Below is a brief biography of the Saint, with scenes from her “Vita Icon”. A Vita Icon is an icon of a Saint with scenes from his/her life shown in the border.

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From Vespers on the Sunday of Orthodoxy

A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons

From the Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy

“Inspired by your Spirit, Lord, the prophets foretold your birth as a child incarnate of the Virgin. Nothing can contain or hold you; before the morning star you shone forth eternally from the spiritual womb of the Father. Yet you were to become like us and be seen by those on earth. At the prayers of those your prophets in your mercy reckon us fit to see your light, for we praise your resurrection, holy and beyond speech.

Infinite, Lord, as divine, in the last times you willed to become incarnate and so finite; for when you took on flesh you made all its properties your own. So we depict the form of your outward appearance and pay it relative respect, and so are moved to love you; and through it we receive the grace of healing, following the divine traditions of the apostles.”

“The grace of truth has shone…

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The Triumph of Orthodoxy and Holy Icons

A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons

Icon for the Sunday of Orthodoxy

An icon celebrating the veneration of icons, the Triumph of Orthodoxy is the festal icon for the first Sunday of Great Lent. As Lent is a period of communal fasting which continues for seven weeks, such triumphalism early on is understandable: it helps to strengthen the faithful for the coming days. It is also understandable given the century of struggle which preceded the events in the Icon; years in which it seemed as though the Faith of the Church was overcome.

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The 7 Essential Steps to Creating Your Own New and Improved Christianity (a satire)

Eric Hyde's Blog

  1. Make it easy, man, easy.

One of the worst things you can do if you aspire to create a new Christianity that appeals to your own fancies is to make it more difficult than it has to be. All this talk about taking up your cross and following Christ, this stuff about becoming a living sacrifice, honestly, who ever dreamed of voluntarily sacrificing their own philosophies, desires, time and energy for something that didn’t pay them back handsomely? This first step is really the overall state of mind you need to embrace prior to moving on to the next 6 steps, so please learn this first step thoroughly – make it easy, man, easy.

2.  Faith is a state of mind, not a state of being.

Let’s face it, simply believing a set of propositions about God is way easier than letting those beliefs infiltrate your daily life. Take a…

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Effortless-Christianity: Personal Reflections from My Life in the Movement (Part two)

Amen and Amen …

Eric Hyde's Blog

We were always worried about maintaining the “victory.” We had the ultimate recipe for any trouble that dared enter our bubble of triumphant Christian living: we “rebuked” the trouble and “claimed” our victory – the victory won by Jesus Christ. In a way, trouble – i.e. any sort of physical illness, emotional pain, financial difficulty, etc – was seen as a personal deficiency of faith. If a person had financial lack it was because they were not “in faith” enough (don’t ask me what that means); if they were sick it was because they were not “claiming their victory over sickness;” if they suffered any sort of emotional pain or physical addictions they simply needed to “confess” their way out of it (i.e. quote Scripture at the pain until their faith was strong enough to overcome it).

Looking back, this lifestyle we lived as independent, charismatic, word-of-faith, full-gospel Christians (we…

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Orthodoxy, a few of my favorite things

Very Awesome …. very awesome …. The entrance thru GRACE … thru the Eastern Gate … Once you enter … you never look for the exit sign … “find a Dome … enter thru the Doors … meet the Living Christ … BE TRANSFORMED” … OR … COME AND SEE … The Teacher’s invitation ….

Eric Hyde's Blog

Sophia Christ IconI was recently asked if I could write an article giving the distinctive elements of the Eastern Orthodox Church which cause it to stand out when compared with Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, and the various Protestant faiths. This is a tall order and no doubt difficult to cover even in a multiple volume work. That said, I would highly recommend a book by Fr. Andrew Damick entitled, “Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy,” which attempts to accomplish this feat with surprising fluency and depth. For one wanting to see how Orthodoxy stacks up against these other traditions and more, I can’t think of a single book which contains a more succinct yet thorough treatment of the subject.

Now that the burden of supplying fine-tuned comparisons has been lifted from me and thrown onto Fr. Damick, I shall turn to some of the elements which were the most profound in my own conversion…

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